Szacowanie projektów metodą punktów funkcyjnych


Spółka StrictWise ma przyjemność zaprosić Państwa na wyjątkowe i unikalne na polskim rynku szkolenie: Szacowanie projektów metodą punktów funkcyjnych (Function Point Analysis). Objective of the Course Thefocus of the aestimat FPA Course is to educate participants about the concepts,rules, and techniques of Function Point Analysis using the latest rules aspublished by the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) in the Counting Practices Manual, Release 4.2.1(CPM.) Topics covered by the instructor include counting techniques, administration of the counting activity, documentation, tools used to support counting, and use ofFPA to address advanced technologies. Inaddition, the course will present concrete ways that Function Points are used in the determination of effort (project estimation) and other management techniques. The course will combine instruction (lecture) and hands-on work shops to familiarize participants with the rules and give practice in usingrules to determine function point size (via case examples.) Warsztat prowadzony jest w języku angielskim.

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