Benefits of ART of Purchasing (Assessment-Recruitment-Training)


As Fortune 500 companies purchase more than 65% of their revenue, professional purchasing becomes one of the key areas of business competitiveness across all sectors and regions. Purchasing professionals effectively act on two levels for a business: * Increase of net result via the reduction of total cost ** Increase of gross margin via the improvement of innovation capacity and time to market Your benefits of ART approach A 5% net result improvement via a cost optimization of 10% in materials and services is equivalent to an average increase of 50% in your sales. Therefore the investment in a very well educated purchasing team pays at any time. The concept of accompanying the purchasing organization from evaluating its skills through selecting its members to training and coaching them is unique and supports our customers in their thrive towards a world class purchasing organization. So, ART makes sure that you run a highly competitive purchasing organization. See more at:

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