The English Cocktail


How to deal with angry customers?


If you work with clients, sooner or later you will deal with an angry customer.  What do you do when it occurs? Is yelling back at your customer fine? How do you deal with them? There are many techniques which help you to control the situation, and to settle down such a client. For example try to use the clients name as soon as possible, and repeat it. It will show he is known in the company and is recognized. Remember to be very polite.


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More Culture at Praga


In next few days Rada Warszawy will make a decision about financing The Museum of Praga. To buy and adapt buildings for this purpose the townhall had to find 60 million PLN. Almost 15 million came from the ministry of culture, and the rest comes from the city budget. What’s more those funds will also cover expenses needed for creating The European Music Centre and a headquarters for the Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra.


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