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Chris Christie of New Jersey had little to say last week about the Rutgers scandal, but on Monday he used a news conference to all but claim credit for Coach Mike Rice’s ouster.Aereo, a streaming TV service, was cleared last week by a federal appeals court to stream programming it gets free from broadcasters. Fox and other broadcasters are pondering their next move.Onion Sports examines some of the most horrendous and appalling injuries in the history of athletics. 776 BC: Sprinter Phidias eaten during race by Zeus in the form of a giant crow 1985: Joe Theismann suffers a career-ending injury a...All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and should be replaced with newer technology, a former regulator said.Plant operators are struggling to contain radioactive water used to cool the damaged Fukushima reactor.Blog post and video from Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit about company efforts to stop the Rustock spambot.RALEIGH, NC mdashLocal homophobic man Trent Wesley, 43, announced Friday that any gay players currently on NFL rosters must be completely unknown special teams guys for smaller market teams.Mrs. Thatcher, who set her country on a rightward economic path, held her nation’s top office longer than any other British politician in the 20th century. She was 87.CHICAGO mdashEmitting a wondrous spectrum of glowing, electric hues, local administrative assistant Jerry Offman dazzled coworkers with a futuristic light show Monday morning as he walked past their desks arrayed in a fluorescent bike-safety vest.NEW YORK mdashAfter concluding its fifth season last June with Don Draper and company facing new personal and professional challenges, the critically acclaimed AMC series Mad Men returns Sunday with a two-hour season premiere featuring a group of ...Steven Aquino, who works with children with special needs and is himself visually impaired, describes in The Magazine how accessibility technologies like VoiceOver and Guided Access built into iOSlet those with disabilities use their devices with as much wonder and enjoyment as the fully abled.” Calling iOSnothing short of a godsend,” Aquino notes that with iPad, a cognitively delayed student is able totap and swipe like a pro” and even master multitasking gestures without any demoing or prompting. He concludes:Every time I pick up myiPhone or iPad, I feel extremely fortunate that I’m living in this time.”SALIDA, CO mdashSaying that he rsquos sick of his native mountainous escarpment and tired of being surrounded byldquoa bunch of squares, rdquo a local teen boulder revealed Monday that it desperately wants to roll down into a nearby ravine where the...Apple has announced the launch of the iBookstore in Japan. The iBookstore has a wide selection of emerging and established authors, including Shyotaro Ikenami, Jiro Akagawa, Atsuko Asano, and Ryu Murakami.We’re excited to launch the iBookstore in Japan with a wide selection of Japanese publishers and authors,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services.We think customers are going to love how engaging and interactive the books are to read, and how beautiful they look on iPad.”CHICAGO mdashWearing a cardigan and a thin scarf, freezing woman Melissa Cady, 34, reportedly walked to work in frigid temperatures today following her decision that it is spring now.Some newspapers’ remembrances of Margaret Thatcher depicted her as an economic savior, while others called her policies ruinous for the poor.The best tool to improve and keep track of your health may be in your pocket, says Dr. Eric Topol, a pioneering figure inwireless medicine” — the practice of using apps and devices in health care. An article from NBC News describes how new apps foriPhone and other devices can measure vital signs and even detect whether someone is having a heart attack.These days, I’m prescribing a lot more apps than I am medications,” says Dr. Topol.The smartphone will be the hub of the future of medicine.”Two corruption cases last week underscored a season of challenge for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, just as he is preparing to run for re-election next year.PC Mag has added Apple’s new iMac to its Editor’s Choice list for high-end all-in-one desktops. Reviewer Brian Westover says the iMac isfaster and more responsive, offering larger, smarter storage.” He put the iMac through its paces with a number of media and processing tests and found that it led competitors by a healthy margin. He concludes,With its beautiful design and quality fabrication, the iMac 27-inch is the best all-in-one desktop we’ve ever seen.”