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Sewer drain jetting will have your waterflowing in no time. Sewer jetting is an uninvasive process of using high pressure waterjet to bring a sewer/drain line back to like-new condition withouthaving to actually replace the line. This is very cost-effectivepractice, as well as a nearly effortless task- especially forcleaning drains that are heavily used, even for grease. Anyone whohas ever had to dealt with a sewer or even residential septic tankknows all about blockages and back-ups. Soap scum residue, grease,hair, food, mineral deposits and more can all cause a sewer/drainto back up.High Pressure Water Cleaning  Most people do not give a thought to theirdrainage, until they start to suffer problems that is. At somepoint all drains need to be cleaned. Over a period of time depositssuch as fat, grease, silt and scale build up on the pipe wall,reducing the hydraulic efficiency of the drain.The most effective way to rid the pipe of these deposits is highpressure water jetting. Strong jets of water remove the depositsfrom the pipe wall. The deposits are flushed out of the pipe andthe drain is returned to a free flowing condition.