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Our MissionOur mission is to create cutting edge and flexible solutions forpeople with disabilities, in particular, for those with visualimpairments. We aim at affordable, professional and individualizedsupport. We care equally about all our customers. Our dream is toeliminate obstacles people with disabilities may encounter byempowering them with state-of-the-art tools.Our customers use Harpo’s solutions to interact with the world, torealise their ambitions and to help make the world see them for thetalented people they are. We realize our commitment through:Ongoing research into new ways to access the worldA continuous search for new solutions around the worldConstant evaluation of the quality of the products, service andsupport we provideStriving for excellenceWorking to bring our solutions to more of the world, to helpmake them more affordable.Our ValuesThere are crucial principles that we religiously follow in ourcommitment to excellence.We always care for qualityWe actively meet the client’s needsWe care for every client with equal attentionWe are responsibleWe raise our own knowledgeHistoryHarpo Sp. z o.o began its operations on July 18, 1985. Three yearslater we already had our first contribution to the Polish blindcommunity. We localized Apollo, a speech synthesizer by Dolphin.That was only the beginning of a successful journey to the world ofassistive technology.Now Harpo is a company with a global reach. Since 2010, the year wecelebrated our 25th anniversary, our products have been deliveredto all corners of the world. Thanks to the network of our partners,people with visual impairments around the globe have an opportunityto improve their lives with a range of solutions developed andmanufactured by Harpo.Please refer to the timeline to follow the milestones on the way toour accomplishments. Align your selected event with the arrows formore detailed date information. Click the event to read more. (Useyour mouse or touchpad to scroll the content of the timeline). Forthe accessible timeline go to HarposTimelineOur Awards (click for details)Our activities and products have been recognized worldwide. We areproud to have received various awards and recognitions. Theseawards obligate and motivate us to further our efforts and continuethe development of our solutions to help people with disabilitieslive more enjoyable and fulfilling lives.