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Here is what others have to say who have used the naturalasthma treatment information in the DramaticAsthma Relief Report to eliminate their asthma and allergysymptoms...Susan, Just a note to let you know our results concerningyour Asthma Relief Report. (But Im sure you know already.) On Oct29, 2009, my wife was diagnosed with asthma that had her in bedmost of the time. She is a nurse, and mostly opts to go withconventional medicine. I am a rebel, and I question just abouteverything associated with drugs. Since she was diagnosed, Ivebeen searching the internet looking for alternative treatments, butmost were questionable at best. Then I came across your website.You made sense. So I purchased your report on Monday, read it,decided everything you wrote was pretty straight forward. On top ofwhich, no side effects, thank you. By three P.M., I had purchasedthe supplements. My wife took 4 capsules, and by 4 P.M., thepressure on her chest had been relieved. We have followed thestated protocol since Monday, (it is now Thursday), and her Dr. hasreleased her to return to work. Im sure you have received manyplaudits over time, so let me say this. I sincerely hope that inHeaven, the Good Lord is placing many, many stars in your crown.Gratefully and respectfully, Ed Fair,Tampa Fla USADear Susan, Thanks very much for your Asthma Relief Report.I heard about it thru Chet Days site, whom I trust, and otherwisemay have passed on it! I have had severe allergies for over 50years and moderate asthma for about 15 years. I was already takingabout a tenth of your recommended supplement combo (from my ownresearch), with little success. I have been on the inhaledcorticosteroids for over 15 years (nasal & lung). I have beenon your combo now for 2 weeks (max dosage) and I am having greatsuccess. I have hated those steroids for years because they aresystematically destroying my adrenal glands and making my lifemiserable. Again, thank you very much for the info! I am completelyoff the steroids. Sincerely, Jeff Evanoff, Athens, GA,USAHi there! Thanks!! I have been meaning to email regardingyour Asthma Relief Report. My asthma is almost totally gone and Iam no longer on ANY asthma medication. (In fact I stopped my asthmameds after a few days on the supplements). It is a HUGE deal that Iam not on asthma drugs because as I said in my earlier email I wason Advair 500, Flovent 220, Xopenex (nebulizer), Pulmicort(nebulizer) and Singulair. I was on these drugs since Jan 2006 andnone of them helped me as much as the supplements. And the drugside effects on my voice were really bad. I havent had to use myrescue inhaler (albuterol, generic), once! And it is so great tonot be on these drugs because my voice is in great shape!! By theway, Im an opera singer- the Dramatic Asthma Relief Reportcontinues to help me sing beautifully. It has been truly a miracle.My Graduation Recital, How Can I Keep From Singing, is about ONEWEEK away!! I am very excited, and I hope you are too! The recitalwill be held on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 7pm at St. LukesParish in Bladensburg, Maryland. The recital is FREE and open tothe public. So THANK YOU very much for your asthma report.Chinwe Enu, MD. USA. Contact me at www.chinweenu.com Hi Susan, My son Henry is 3.5 years old. I wrote to you acouple of times in the last four months after I ordered your ebookand followed its instructions. He still has not had an asthmaattack. Every time he starts even a tiny bit of couging, even onecough per hour or so, I start with the supplements and the coughgoes away. So thank you!!!! Amanda Lotas, Charlottesville,VA,USA. Susan: ...your Dramatic Asthma Relief report has made aremarkable difference with my exercise induced asthma! I now takethe (supplements) prior to my walking and jogging routine and ithas really enhanced my breathing while exercising. Many thanks toyou for your research and report! Prior to receiving your research,I could not jog any distance and had difficulty breathing whilewalking fast during cold weather. Many years ago, I jogged forthree miles three times a week. What a change for the better!Many thanks to you, W. H. (Bill) Smith Dallas, TXHi Susan, I purchased your program the other day and so farit has been miraculous. Thank-You, In His Grip > > >Michael WynneSusan-First, I want to say that Im absolutely amazed and astounded atthe effectiveness of this formula!! I have endured exercise-inducedasthma quietly for over 25 years - as a member of our nationsmilitary, I run almost every day for physical training, butcouldnt seek conventional treatment for fear of disqualificationfor combat deployment or even medical discharge. After only twodays of taking your formula, my runs are easy, and I no longer haveto struggle for each breath. THANKS for the amazing experience ofrunning without feeling like Im breathing through a straw. Takecare. Tony Adrian AE Oh Susan, I could not wait another day to write and thankyou for your report. I had been diagnosed with asthma around theyear 2000. As it only seemed to be a problem when I was out in verycold air in winter or exercised a lot, I got by for a long time ononly a pill a day. I had a rescue inhaler, but never needed it.Then, in early February of 2005, I needed emergency work done in mybasement. The floor was flooded and tile under the floor wasbroken. It had to be dug up and updated with the new plastic tile.For three full days, two men worked - tearing up the concrete,digging up piles of dirt, putting in new and gluing the new pipestogether... but I soon would find out the effect the dust and gluefumes would have on my lungs. About a month later, I became verysick. I had cold symptoms and a terrible cough. My family doctorprescribed cough medicine...I could not completely shake the roughcough, and now some wheezing, my family doctor told me to use therescue inhaler regularly, daily. Several months later, this lastJuly, after no real improvement, my doctor prescribed anotherstronger inhaler. By now, I was getting very concerned. I lookedonline for asthma cure information. That is how I found your site.I took the chance, and downloaded your report. I took therecommended dose three times a day, for about two weeks and hadntreally noticed a big improvement. Then, my mother became very ill,and other things were going on. I was so busy helping my sistercare for my mother, etc., that I cant pinpoint the day, but Isuddenly realized my cough and wheezing were gone! (I had neverstarted the new inhaler and didnt need the old rescue inhaler.either! ) I have been wanting to write and thank you for yourresearch and sharing with others, but am still very busy with muchgoing on, although mom is better and stable for now. I have a sixmonth follow up appointment with my doctor next January. I am notsure how to explain to her why I never started the new strongerinhaler, and dont need any inhaler now. So Susan, I cannot thankyou enough for your report. Mary Reese Elyria,Ohio Hello Susan, Thank you very much. Since I have purchasedyour Dramatic Asthma Relief e-book, I had no serious Asthmaproblems anymore. I also purchased several books on breathingmethods, but they did not work. Your approach to Asthma reallyworks. Thanks again, Regards, Johan Moerland, Genemuiden, TheNetherlandsHi Susan, Subject: Dramatic Asthma Relief Report. I orderedmy supplements (based on the research in your report) just 4 daysago and they arrived this morning! And, wait for it, within 2hours, what a difference! I feel so much better already, and itsnow 11pm and no need to use an inhaler at all, amazing! Thank youso much! This is what I have been searching for all my life. Now, Ihave a theory... I have read and truly believe that asthma inhalerstotally desensitize your lung tissue, leaving you unable to copewith any allergens. And the drug companies know this, but thatsanother subject - I am sooo anti-drug companies! Lets face it,they produce NOTHING that cures, apart from antibiotics. And whyshould they, where is the money in giving you a cure, they want youto use their product for ever, and asthma inhalers are noexception. So I believe this supplement can enable your lungs todeal with allergens naturally by getting you off inhalers, andheal. As a child I would get a couple of attacks a year. At the ageof 13 I stayed with friends who had a cat and ended up in hospitalwith a bad attack. The doctor gave me a Ventolin inhaler... Andwithin the space of one year I was using it 6 times a day. I nowuse fonetorol, which is much stronger than Ventolin, as years agoVentolin gradually stopped working. Ive always stayed offsteroids. A few years back I went to Scotland for a week to do aButeyko course. All the other people there were very badasthmatics, all on steroids. Ive never seen such a sorry bunch inmy life. I could have been one of those if my doctor had convincedme to use steroids. Thank God I put my foot down. And did Buteykowork? Like hell it did. So that was 500 pounds down the drain. Onesupplement I take that makes a difference is Pycnogenal. If I takea mega dose when I am wheezy it really helps. Goodness, I do rabbleon! If you need any more information, Id be delighted to help! Youhave certainly helped me so its the least I can do! Thank you,F. W. , Abu Dhabi, EASusan, I was diagnosed with asthma at age 14. I am 38 nowand had been on ventolin, steroids, etc... for all my adult life,and advair for the last 3+ years. I ordered your report, and onJan. 1st..., as a New Years resolution, I began slowly removing myinhalers from my daily routine. I am amazed beyond words. Today Iuse NO asthma medications. NONE !!! I play tennis, ride bikes,swim, run with my kids, and never have a wheeze attack or phlegmbuild up in my lungs. ( I always had both before your report) ThankYou so much for your help. May God bless the truths you speak,Dave McCreary MA. USASusan, I work in the pharmaceutical industry- I have tried alot of drug therapies without any lasting success. This supplementcombination is working for me and I deeply appreciate you gettingthe word out. I started taking it & its been helping a lot. Icould barely get to the health supermarket for my first bottle, butafter about 2 days I was in good enough shape to go jogging. Thisis something Ive been struggling with since I was a kid (Im now30). Thank you so much for putting together the research for theasthma article. Avery, California USA, (last name and citywithheld by request)I am 40 years old. Last winter I was diagnosed with walkingpneumonia. It wasnt long after I was recovering from this illnessthat some mild asthma symptoms began to appear. (I had asthma as achild, but that went away during my teenage years.) At first I wasnot very alarmed, since the asthma attacks were very mild andinfrequent. A couple puffs from an albuterol inhaler here and theretook care of the problem. But by springtime the asthma startedbecoming more aggressive. Soon I was on the albuterol inhaler, theAdvair inhaler and taking the singulair pills every day just tomaintain my breathing. I was thankful to have the medications tohelp me breath, but I was hoping the asthma would somehow just goaway. I knew the medications were not good for my body in the longrun. Well, my body let me know that it had had enough medication alot sooner in a very drastic way. I started getting all the worstside effects listed on the drug fact sheets from the pharmacist -severe fatigue, dizziness and terrible muscle cramps. I wasliterally becoming incapacitated - I couldnt get out of bed. Iknew I needed a miracle and needed one quick...I went...to SusanMillars website at www.dramatic-asthma-relief.com. At that websiteI discovered a natural protocol that I tried immediately. After aweek and a half on that protocol, I was able to reduce mymedications by 90 percent. After three weeks on that protocol, Iwas able to eliminate my asthma meds completely. No more horribleside effects. No more anxiety about how I was going to be able togo to work. I got my breathing back and my life back. Thank youSusan Millar... You... saved my life.Paul Lamon, New Jersey USA.Hi Susan, Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks andlet you know I feel great. I have been using the supplements fortwo weeks...I can sleep for six continuous hours and wake uprested. I have suffered with Allergies and Asthma for the last 19years and have gotten progressive worst with in the last 10 years(i.e., fall/spring hospital visits, breathing machines, inhaler,maintenance dose of prednisone 5 mg, 30lbs weight gain). Peace andBlessings, Michele Jackson, Columbia, MDDear, Dear Susan, Saturday I was terribly depressed aftertwo years of wheezing, sneezing and coming close to death with asthma and allergies andthinking of my mother, who spend her last ten years wheezing in her apartmentbefore she got pneumonia and died. I inherited her allergies andasthma ... and it was beginning to look as if my life were going toend as hers did. I decided something had to be done, one way oranother, and so I did a search for best asthma medication andfound your site. I have been on Flonase, Albuterol, Prednisone andrecently Pulmicort and getting worse all the time. Within twentyminutes of taking my first dose my lungs were clear, my nosestopped dripping and I had nothing to sneeze about! Thepast three days have been the best of the past two years, andI cannot tell you how grateful I am. I thought I had already had myshare of miracles... and have been living on borrowed time eversince, but obviously I was wrong! I have a previously scheduledappointment with my doctor today, and is she going to get asurprise! Thank you again, I owe you my life, and if there is everanything I can do for you please let me know. Best wishes always,Cheryl Hatfield, AZ USAHi, I tell people all the time about you. I am much better.I have been able to walk my dog around the block for the first timein months. I am slow and I couldnt care less. These things aregreat strides for me. I went to my allergist and she said my lungshave not sounded this clear in months. She is weaning me off thePrednisone for the first time in about 6 months. When I wasdiagnosed with asthma in 1993 I weighed 125 lbs. Now I weigh 200lbs. Thank you Prednisone!!!! ... I can finally see the pot of goldat the end of the rainbow and it is filled with plenty of fresh airthat I dont have to fight to get. The mere thought brings a smileto my face. My doctor had no comment about the supplements. When Ioffered to bring her the report she didnt answer me. Her toughluck. It was very difficult to sit in the office and keep my mouthshut to the other patients. One lady there is suffering just like Iwas. I admit I have a LONG way to go. At least I am trying now asbefore I was ready to throw in the towel, get in bed and never getout. That is my story. Nina (last name and address withheldby request)In the early spring I ordered your Asthma Relief Report. Ihad been so ill that the MD had me coming to her office every otherday for breathing treatments. I was on steroids and antibiotics andgetting worse. I had trouble walking to the bathroom, I was soshort of breath. The last visit the doctor wanted to put me in thehospital, but Im an RN and knew that there was nothing more thatwould happen there - steroids, breathing treatments andantibiotics. So, I went home and got on the internet and found yoursite. Praise the Lord! I started that evening... I took 2 loadingdoses before I went to bed and woke up the next morning withenergy. I actually walked two houses down to my mailbox, and I wasable to do some much needed light housekeeping that day. Thank youagain for the  information that practically saved mylife. Carolyn Morris RN, Sacramento, CaliforniaDear Susan, First let me express my profound happiness andjoy on your asthma relief report and recommendations which greatlyhelped my 3 year old Rakshata since one week. I did purchase yourreport on the net while searching home remedies on Asthma andimplemented the dosage recommendations the report suggested andwhat a relief to my school going 3 year kid. Ever since she was 11/2 year old she continuously suffered Bronchital asthma with afrequent visit to doctors and various clinics. She used to havefrequent attacks which were chronic in nature and we as parentswere in sadness and tears all the time she suffered from suchasthmatic problems. Now our tears turned into joy. Thank you verymuch for the wonderful work you did and the report is exemplary.Thank you and we do not have any objection to post our comments onyour site. We are presently living in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabiabecause of my employment though we are from India. Regards,Bala & Rohini Concerned parents of 3 year old Rakshata,IndiaMy name is Yvette and I live in California. I just had toemail you and let you know that within 1 1/2 hours of taking thesupplements that I finally got relief. I have been in bed for mostof the entire month of October and the meds were making me sosick. Well, its been nearly a week since Ive been taking thesupplements and I have to say its just too good to be true!!! Ifeel great, my breathing hasnt been this good in a long time. Myenergy is great, I feel strong, I can think clearly, I can run upmy stairs and I can sing again. What an awesome experience to getthis well from a natural substance with positive side effects. Ihave been practicing holistic and alternative medicine for about 20years and nothing has given me relief like this. Thank God becausemy body really rejected the drugs and inhalers, plus mentally I waslosing my ability to cope. I have been off of all the drugs sincethe second day I started this and I feel great. I am really lookingforward to my check-up appointment with my asthma doctor so I canthrow the drugs back at him and show him the real way to get well,through nature. Thank you to you for making sure that you sharethis invaluable information with the world. God Bless  you!Yvette Emard, Palmdale, CaliforniaHi Susan, Its been more than a year since I last contactedyou but you wont be surprised to hear I have now not taken asteroid, or puffed a puffer since last September - and I justwanted to say thank you for your report- and thank you for beingcontactable and being encouraging. I have found not only do I nothave any asthma symptoms now - even though tested allergic to grassIve been playing golf all through the season and even mowing thelawn when necessary.....if I feel even slightly tight or breathingsensitive I just take a few supplements. Even through the winterwhen I have had a sore trachea problem for at least 10 years I wentright through last winter with no problems. I could have a commoncold without it leading to sore chest problems just by keeping upthe supplements. My breathing now feels much more elastic than itdid last year - my doctor is very impressed! Very best wishes andthanks - Wendy Bonnington (city and state withheld byrequest)Dear Susan, Dramatic asthma relief, never have I seen atruer statement. I keep thinking can this be real??. I also keepthinking why isnt EVERYONE on this program??. A littlebackground about me. I am about to turn 39. Ive had asthma sinceabout the age of 12. It has progressed over the years. I guess myfirst experience with inhaled steroids came in 1994. I immediatelygained weight, felt fatigued, had muscle and joint aches anddepression. The doctors made excuses and told me it was imperativeI stay on the steroids. I wound up weaning off of them because Iwas really just lazy. I noticed all the side effects went away. Iwas ok with albuterol for some time and then in 1997 I hadanother severe attack. I went to a new doc who put me on lowerdosages of steroid inhaler. I immediately gained weight, got moody,had aches like you cant believe. Again I was told it was notlikely the steroids. I stayed on out of fear and wound up gaininga whopping FORTY FIVE pounds. The docs stood there scratching theirheads trying to figure out how anyone gains 45 lbs in a year. Theyeven checked my thyroid (it was fine). I could barely walk from thepain in my joints and muscles. I decided it had to be the steroidinhalants. Sooo I went off, changed my regimen with a docs help. Ilost 45 lbs in 3 months and kept it off until recently.    In December of 2003 I was having a terrible timebreathing I went to the doc and he told me about Advair. Said Icould go on the lowest dose and see how I did. I was even taking itonly once a day instead of the two times recommended. Well... fromthe above you can guess what happened. I went back to him 25 lbsheavier and hurting so badly. That was a couple of weeks ago. Iinsisted I be OFF steroids. He tried me on a new long actingbronchio dilator which didnt work. I asked to go back on Sereventbecause I knew I tolerated it well in the past. I also knew that italone does not work terribly well.   THEN... I found your report. Being a skeptic aboutthings you find online and have to pay for, I wondered why I wasthrowing away my money. I was so desperate I decided what the heck.I have been on your regimen for about 3 days. Im still taking mySerevent but... Im not wheezing between or overnights. I think Ican probably wean off the Serevent in the next few days. Did youread that? I am NOT wheezing. Even over night. Even when I runaround out in the FL humidity and pollen. I live on a horse farm.My room is a poster child for the show Clean Sweep. Though I planto change the situation, I am presently sleeping with 2 dogs and apot bellied pig and the occasional cat. Did I mention I am NOTwheezing??!!   Is what Im experiencing real? Im afraid Im going towake up and it will all be a dream. Oh... I have lost SEVEN lbssince getting off the steroids. Ive changed nothing in my life.Im not fatigued, nothing hurts, Im not eating anything thatpauses too long in front of me, Im not moody. Life is good!!!Thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you. Jodi Orens-Lante, Morriston, FloridaSusan- I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell how verygrateful I am to you for the work and research you have done forus! My 11 yr. old son is doing very well using the information inyour Asthma Report. We have been able to wean off the the pulmacortdaily inhaler and he seems to be doing fine. I just wanted you toknow after the last 3 months on the program, We are all so Happy!Thank you and may the Lord Bless you this Holiday and into the newYearSincerely, Rhonda King Fuller and son Ryan,Texas I have a 7 year old son who has been taking the supplementsfor about 6 months now. This has controlled his symptoms quitewell. We are now well into spring in Australia and this has beenthe best winter Ive ever had with him. Thank you so much for theinformative report, I wish Id discovered this years ago. It wouldhave saved me so much stress and sleepless nights and him muchsuffering. The medications he was prescribed did very little tohelp his condition and some nights I was at my wits end watchinghim struggle to breathe and being helpless to do anything. Thanksonce again Susan. Nina Simeone, Brisbane, AustraliaAfter suffering with asthma for 25 years, and usingthousands of inhalers and pills, Im so grateful that I discoveredthe Asthma Relief Report! Within a week of using the supplement asdescribed, my asthma is relieved by 95%. I havent used mynebulizer since starting the program, nor have I been on prednisoneor other drugs. This is a save-your-life report! Linda OatmanHigh, Narvon, PA Here are the facts as they are right now as a testimony tothe working power of the supplements (recommended by the researchin the Asthma Relief Report). I have been off my puffers since July13 and today is July 26 so that would make it 13 days. The puffersare still in a bag somewhere in my studio/office. Sometimes if theweather is right Im fine without taking the supplements, but wehave had mild and dry, humid, rain, cool and wet, cold weather andI have done just fine. I even cut the grass a couple of times andalthough I was a little winded, it was nothing like before where mybreathing was very shallow and it was time for a couple of puffs,and upstairs to my room with the vapourizer and inhaling oil tohelp clear my breathing passages. I have continued on the regimentand have sensed a greater ability to take deep breaths with verylittle wheezing. I took my wife and kids to some friends who had apig roast in the country. After a few minutes of playingvolleyball, I was feeling myself getting winded but kept playingand I seemed to be okay. We must have played for over an hour and Iwas fine with no need for puffers at all.  Regards, PeterDoyne, IrelandAs a glaucoma patient in the advanced stages, when I wasdiagnosed with asthma, it was possibly more serious than usualsince asthma medication and glaucoma medication do not worktogether. I therefore searched for an alternative therapy forasthma. Once I obtained the supplements mentioned in the report andbegan it, I experienced immediate relief. My doctor was evensurprised at my quick improvement. I now take a daily dose as apreventative measure and keep a little Tupperware container of itwith me at all times. When I am near perfumes or other irritantsthat cause my airway to tighten, I immediately take the supplementsand so far that has always stopped the attack without takingharmful, steroid laden drugs. I cant tell you how much Iappreciate the information contained in the report. The cost of thereport was definitely the best money I have spent on anything.Thanks for your work in compiling it. SuzanneDunn Susan: I love the springtime. Flowers blooming, grassgrowing. Even the smell of freshly cut grass is heaven to me, butwith my husband it was a different story. Springtime meant itchyeyes, a nose that ran like a faucet, incredible lethargy and evenitching in his ears and throat. I read about your program on ChetDays site and ordered the e-book immediately. Since that was 2years ago, I have trouble remembering how quickly it cleared hissymptoms but the effect, that I dont have any trouble remembering:the next year he only had to take the supplement a few times and sofar this year, which is amazingly wet, moldy and pollen filled, hehasnt had any symptoms. If he should experience distress, we nowknow what he can do to get quick relief. Thank you so much for allof your hard work...and your courage to trust yourself and yourinstincts. Beverle Sweitzer, Silver Spring,MD. Dear Susan, I feel so fortunate yet overwhelmed at theexcellent results I have experienced since trying the methods inthe Asthma Relief Report. I fear that I might break the spell byeven extolling the virtues. I know, I know. Superstition. But ithas changed my life thus far. I dont recall a fall and Christmasseason without being in bed and fighting off all the ramificationsof bronchial asthma. This season was like a Christmas miracle. Withenormous gratitude. R.E. California Dear Susan, I started taking the supplements that wererecommended in the Asthma Relief Report ... and by late afternoon,the fog in my mind cleared up, I didnt feel like crying anymoreand my breathing was getting easier. It has been improving a littlemore every day since then. I am now able to see that I may one daybecome less and less dependant on my asthma medication. God blessyou for all your help and thank you. Sincerely, KatherineGuidry, Encino, CA I got the Asthma Report 2 weeks ago and simply cannotexpress my gratitude strongly enough. All I can say is, IT WORKS!!! I went into amovie theater yesterday and didnt have an instantaneous asthma attackfrom the popcorn in the air and from the people sitting around me who wereeating it. You have no idea what a big thing that was for me!!! Now I hopesoon to be able to confidently leave home without checking my purse first tobe sure I have plenty of Albuterol and that it is in its designated easy tolocate and quick to grab spot. I first developed asthma 4 years ago aftersuffering flu/severe bronchitis which turned to pneumonia. It was anextremely rapid, downhill progression until I found this. Sincerely, CarolGraham, Las Vegas, NevadaI discovered your information on the web last week and Idecided to experiment with my own asthma problems. I am what youcall chronic when it comes to asthma and allergies. I have hadasthma for 48 years now since I was 1 year old. I almost died manytimes and was a great despair for my parents ever since I wasyoung. I used all those drugs you have listed in your asthma drugside effects report. Fortunately Dad was in the AirForce till I was 18 and was able to pay for all the prescriptiondrugs relatively easily. I received the best care the Air Forcecould give since my Dad was an officer. Mostly I spent weeks andmonths in the hospital undergoing treatments and living in anoxygen tent. About the early 70s new breakthroughs occurred intreating asthma with inhaled steroids. I was a guinea pig for theseyoung doctors and I have seen every type of treatment and usedevery type of asthma drug known to man.   Sothe good news is, I started taking the supplements based on theresearch in your Asthma Relief Report. Contrary to your reportsrecommendation I totally quit my Pulmicort and Flonase cortisonethe very first day. Ive never been without them. But to my delightand amazement, I was OK and did not have any symptoms. I have foundthat I need to take more of the supplements at night to ensure asound sleep. The rest of the day I am problem free on 4 before eachmeal. I even played hard tennis today and was sweating pretty goodwithout any symptoms. I just want to say thank you so much forsharing this information on the web. I am indebted to you and yourpartner. Mark and Holly Trumble, Loveland, ColoradoI went to the doctor and got Allegra and got very sick fromit (bleeding nasal passages) and severe coughing. I stoppedthe Allegra and I decided to purchase your Asthma Relief Report andfollowed it exactly. It worked wonderfully well for me when Ifollowed the dosage recommended by your research. I have not feltas good during grass pollen season as I did this year. It is trulyastonishing. I did not have lung congestion, asthma, itchy eyes,running nose, and horrible coughing. Barb Griffin, Keizer,OregonI have tried so many things that were supposed to bringrelief from asthma but this WORKS!!!!! How can I begin to thankyou? The last several months the asthma just kept getting worse. Asof a last August 15th I could no longer use steroids (to keep mybreathing open), because my bone mass had dropped 30%. So it meantmore time connected to a nebulizer each day. About 6 hours!Attached to a 6 foot life line. I was using 5 to 6 bottles ofIpatropium Bromide which opens the large airways, and 5 to 6bottles of Albuterol Sulfate, which opens the small airways, eachday. Many times I would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and haveto do a breathing treatment. If it wasnt that, then first thing inthe morning I would have to use 2 bottles of each medicine to getmy chest opened up again. There have been days when it felt like mybreathing was never right.    I was able to start on the program suggested by theresearch in your Asthma Relief Report at 2 PM on July 25, 2002, Iused only 3 more bottles of inhalation solution during the daywhile the stuff built up in my system. Last night I slept so well,not fighting to breathe, and I woke up still breathing freely! Thismorning I took the lowered dose and spent 6 hours outdoors, it is93 degrees and very humid and for 3 of those hours I was travelingin a van without air conditioning. Either one of the heat or thehumidity would have done me in before, not to mention the pollenand mold count. But when I got in this afternoon at 2 PM I tookanother dose and its still before 3 PM and I can tell thedifference. This works faster than the inhalation solutions that godirectly to the lungs! Plus it is all natural! Bless you forsharing your experience and research with the rest of us. AgainThank You!  Katie Waters, Mansfield, Missouri