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While mediation is simply about making disparate systems understandeach other, the technologies and solutions used for mediation canbe quite complex, and the actual integration process can range fromstraightforward to very elaborate.In an on-line mediation process, mediation allows the chargingsystem and application servers interact with the network systems,creating a bridge between different protocols and protocol versionsor charging semantics. It can also address limitations in existingarchitecture, by adding business functionality inside the mediationprocess, functionality that cannot be achieved in neither networkor IT systems.In an off-line mediation scenario, mediation allows huge amounts ofdata generated by network, IT or 3rd party to be filtered,transformed, aggregated, validated before it gets processed bydownstream systems such as billing, data warehouse/big datasystems, loyalty, CRM, etc.Computaris can help industry players with both on-line and off-linemediation expertise by providing either turn-key solutions, orservices on top of existing mediation platform & technology. Weare very well suited to help in the traditional scenarios or latestindustry trends:Consolidation of off-line and on-line mediation into one systemMigration to big-data, where massive data processing isrequiredDecoupling of a more and more standardized network from the ITlayer which requires more dynamic and agile service development