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RadioWroclove.com is the firstEnglish-speaking station in Poland that broadcastsround the clock. The place we reach you from isWrocław – the city of meetings that has alwaysbeen open to a mixture of cultures, languages and religions.RadioWroclove.com deals with a wide range ofissues, sometimes seriously, more often not.  As long as it’sinteresting. We want to reach you, wherever you are, be itWrocław, Dublin, Seoul or Bhutan. As long as youunderstand – or really want to understand – English.You want to visit Poland, on business or just toget away from it all – we’ll help you get your bearings and keepyou up to date with what’s latest in culture,arts and entertainment here.You’re planning to come specifically to Wrocław – or Prague, orBerlin, or any major city of this part of Europe for that matter –we’ll be there for you. Currently visiting the area? Excellent –there’s no better way to learn what to do and where to go whileyou’re here than download RadioWroclove.com onyour laptop.Or perhaps you are an English-speaking resident here, an expat orsimply a student learning the language – that’s even better. We’llkeep you posted without making you dig for info in countlesssources or boring you to death.What do we call “indie”? The term was originallyan abbreviation of “independent” and was used torefer to the American and British rock scene of the late 80′s andearly 90′s, underlining its non-commercial character. Whether welike it or not, though, the meaning of the term has evolved andtoday the label is used to emphasize an artist’sinnovative, open-minded attitudeto recording their music. As a result, “indie” is no longer relatedto any particular genre, country or commercial success.Expect  a carefully assorted blend of modern rock,pop, electronic and urban music. Inaddition, every week we recommend four fresh singles, which aredescribed in the Sound Fabrics section. Our aim isto keep you entertained and up-to-date at the same time… All youhave to do is just tune in!You can also mail us at info@radiowroclove.com e-mail adress