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Poland is not only Krakow... the real life, culture, many castles,monuments and especially unspoiled nature you can find deep in thecountry site ... and the best way to discover the land is on thehorseback. Why is it cheap??? Very easy answer: ITS NOT CHEAP!! This is normalprice in Poland... like most of services and some products horseriding, accomodation are just cheaper than in most of westerncountries. Horses have good care, food, loving owners and becauseof still not expensive land horse lovers can effort to have hugefields for them so that they can grass, run and enjoy each otherscompany. I hope that our offer gets to horse enthusiast that dream aboutgoing for unforgettable riding holidays but don’t want to payfortune for that. I would like to convince many of you that cheaperdoes not mean worse... but definitely better!I visited many places on the horse back, as I took it as the bestchance to get know the real culture. I was riding in many countriesin Europe and both Americas appreciating every moment spent withnative people, horses and nature. However I have never found moremagical wilderness than in Poland. Its very simple but verymarvelous and peaceful land...So if you like freedom and fast gallop this is the place right foryou!!! We will be happy to answer all of your questions so don’t hesitateto contact us. We can also arrange different holidays (on a verygood price) on request based on the extensive knowledge about theriding centers in Central Europe. We speak fluent English, Germanand Czech.  I hope to meet you on one of our wonderful riding holidays!Marzena Szczepek Bargain Riding Holidays Local Travel Agency