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O nas

Espersen was founded in Denmark in 1937 with the purpose of taking
advantage of the abundance of cod in the Baltic Sea region. The
company was established by J.P.A. Espersen with its first premises
on Bornholm, an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Since then,
constant growth has transformed it into one of the world�s most
important white fish processing corporations with a staff of more
than 1100 employees in modern production plants in Denmark, Poland,
Lithuania and China. Among its milestones, Espersen was the first
food processing company in Europe to establish its own laboratories
to monitor quality control. In 1971 the entire equity capital of
Espersen was turned over to �Direkt�r J.P.A. Espersen og hustru,
fru Dagny Espersens Fond�. The yield of the Foundation contributes
with financial investments to Espersen and is distributed among
charity organisations. Today, with an annual turnover of more than
200 million Euros, Espersen is considered a financially well
consolidated company basing its transactions on strong partnerships
with both suppliers and customers