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O nas

Prestin is a supplier of IT and training services and
solutions designed to support the effective and efficient
development of human skills.
Our team comprises experts in
the fields of e-learning, training, multimedia and teaching
technologies.We started our business in 2007 with preparing
and selling ready-made business training delivered in e-learning
form. Our present range includes primarily: e-learning platforms,
dedicated training in a variety of forms and types, virtual
classrooms, knowledge-management systems, e-learning systems
delivered in the SaaS and ASP models, blended learning rapid e-
learning, ready-made online courses.State-of-the-art
technologies allow us to combine diverse learning methods. Thanks
to this we can offer methods that enable the training processes to
be carried out with proven tools in the form of e-learning or
blended learning.
As part of our cooperation with clients, we wish to share our
knowledge, so that the projects are carried out jointly and
developed on the basis of our skills and experience. Each
undertaking is delivered with regard to the individual needs of our
Clients.Our efforts rest upon a number of our most
cherished values:Passion and commitment
Our company was founded on a passion for effective methods of
improving skills designed to boost business results. Today, this
passion and commitment is our driving force in meeting our clients’
needs as best as we can. Innovation We support and
employ innovative solutions, while keeping in mind their functional
qualities. Therefore, we monitor emerging practices and solutions
to provide our clients with the best properties these solutions
offer. We do not walk the beaten track – we step out of line to
offer value-added innovative solutions. Client-centred
Our efforts are oriented towards delivering
maximum value for our clients according to their needs, using all
our capabilities drawn from our resources and skills.
Effectiveness and efficiency What determines our
choice of methods and proposed solutions is above all the
effectiveness and efficiency which can translate into practice.
Continuous improvement We keep striving to find
ways to improve our skills and efforts. Rather than resting on our
laurels, we foster development inside our company to consistently
enhance the quality and value of the solutions delivered to our
clients.Our activity involves a number of projects on
specialised e-learning solutions.Prestines.com offers
online e-learning solutions for international markets, with the
emphasis on English-speaking clients. Prestines range provides the
possibility of using SaaS solutions without the need to implement
them, which translates into the increased time and
cost-effectiveness of their use. As of today, our package includes
such systems as: e-learning platforms online tools to design
e-learning courses knowledge-management systems virtual classrooms
We plan to extend our range soon to include additional
e-learning tools.Prestines.com has been developed as part
of the project entitled “Developing an online system to deliver
e-learning solutions based on the innovative SaaS model under the
Operational Programme of Innovative Economy measure 8.1 “Supporting
business activity within the electronic industry economy”