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O nas

The printing house “A-Z Color” began its business activity in Ostrołęka in 1992 on the premises of 20 m2. Over 20 years of its existence it changed from a small establishment producing mainly simple one-coloured labels into a modern flexographic printing house well-equipped and still expanding its production offer.

The period of the printing house’s fast growth began at the end of 1990s. The best world class machine park, which was bought at that time, made it possible for the printing house to transform into diversified profile company. The following years of dynamic development led to building in 2006 in Antonie, near Ostrołęka, a modern production establishment with a surface of about 3.850 m2 and further enriching the machine park.

The printing house “A-Z Color” provides complex polighraphic services to all the clients – from the project to delivery of printed labels. In order to fulfill expectations of our clients the best that we can, the printing house works in the Integrated Management System, which allows for full control over all production processes.

Customer Service Section was established in the printing house. The employees who are hired in this section give advice and professional advice on all the stages of production preparation. They professionally work out each order and supervise quality and timeliness of the production in the way that every client is fully satisfied from collaboration with the printing house as well as from the effects.